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We are a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to developing high quality environmental education that is accessible to all children. Working together with passionate students and teachers, our diverse team creatively co-design cutting edge curricula that bridge the gap between the latest science and a child’s mindset in classrooms.

Join us in this global movement to build a cleaner and better future. Your donation will enable us to continue creating powerful materials and scale our programmes to reach more young minds with innovative education. You are empowering a growing organisation to tackle one of humanity’s most dirty problems- waste! A problem all of us would prefer to bury and forget – but cannot! You are helping to pass on a flourishing planet to future generations.

Our latest curriculum ‘Sea Change’, focuses on marine plastic pollution and is supported in part by the National Geographic Society. Your support will enable us to reach students across India through offering our work at a national level to educational ministries as well as partnering NGOs to inspire the next generation to become climate change innovators.