Follow that Bottle

Age group: 6-10

This page provides you with a snapshot of this activity that gets students to investigate what happens to a plastic bottle, where it comes from and where it ends up. Follow the story of a plastic bottle and find out how it travels and what happens to it once you have finished using it.

We recommend that you use the ‘Introduction to Solid Waste’ activity before any of the other activities as it is a good starting point for students to learn about waste and provides a comprehensive overview of how waste is generated and its impacts on animals, the environment and us. If you have already done so and wish to continue to download the rest of this free activity please click on the download icon below. Enjoy!

  • Learn about the recycling process
  • Discover the importance of recycling
  • Understand the various steps involved in recycling

Whole class

  • Handout ‘Follow that Bottle’ (2 pages in A4)
  • Colouring pens and pencils
  • 1 plastic (PET) bottle

1 class period
(approximately 50-60 minutes)

Skills used:





You will need to make photocopies of the handout ‘Follow that Bottle’ for each student (2 pages in A4).
Bring a plastic water bottle (PET bottle) as a sample.



1 Class discussion (10-15 minutes):

Start a class discussion on recycling. Let students come up with their own answers.

Questions to ask to students:

What is recycling?
Recycle means to use over and over again. Let students know that when we recycle an item/product, it does not add to our waste but becomes something new.

How can you recycle?
For things to be recycled, they need to be separated into different categories such as plastic, paper, glass, metal and organic. It is important that you put a waste item in the right bin; therefore, it is important to know which waste item belongs to which bin.


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Lesson plan (English)
Students handout (English)
Lesson plan (Tamil)
Students handout (Tamil)