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We’ve got big plans – and we need your help to make them happen. Donating enables us to turn our ideas into actions and reach our goals. This way, we can continue to make the changes our people and planet need.

Sponsor an existing project.

Inspired by one of our future projects? Donate now.

Pick it Up Crowdfunding Campaign

We found a way to teach children how to recycle trash and make cash every day! Help us spread this fun educational programme to 5,000 children from low-income rural schools in India.

Trash Concentration

It’s time to test your memory skills! This educational game aims to teach you about the impacts of plastic while having fun.

Garbology Lite

Using a participatory approach, we want to develop Garbology Lite; a reworked version of Garbology 101 that can be easily integrated into the existing curriculum of an average Indian public school.

Cash for Trash App

Available for download, this app will give you individualised rates so you can learn the value of what’s in your trash bin!

Garbology International

Waste is a global problem. We are ready to share Garbology 101 with the world but we need to adapt the materials to fit different cultures. Contact Us if you wish to adapt Garbology 101.

Children’s Story Book

Let’s integrate waste education into story time! By creating entertaining books for young children, we can introduce sustainable behaviour at an opportune time in child development.

Develop an educational video and short documentary

Spreading awareness via the Internet is fast and effective. We want to make creative short films and documentaries that will inspire people and change the way they look at waste.

Design Infographic Series

The infographic series will be part of our advocacy work; available for download and print, shared via social media, printed in schools and translated to reach as many people as possible.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

The time is now and we need to think BIG. We are ready to inspire and empower every young Indian to actively participate. Through public, private and government partnerships we can initiate the beginning of the end of waste.